What's Your Favorite Garden Color?

Mine is purple!  It’s one of those colors that looks great with anything.  It’s a fun and versatile color, and a perfect partner to the others around the garden.

Here are a few ideas to brighten up YOUR garden:

Lavetera assurgentiflora (Tree Mallow)

Lavatera, sometimes referred to as Tree Mallow, can be grown as a bush or tree; or trimmed into a beautiful hedge. 

The five-petal purple flowers bloom from summer to fall—although I see two blooms on mine already. 

Here are the details:  Perennial or Biennial: Zones 1-9, 14-24, Easy to grow; needs good drainage, average soil. Performs best in sandy or loamy soil.   

Adaptable plant blooms best in full sunlight, but tolerates partial shade. Drought tolerant, but benefits from regular water during hot, dry periods.

This is one of my go-to plants!  It has thick foliage and is great as a privacy screen.  I use this in my backyard, screening the neighbors’ view of my yard and hot tub.  We also have it growing along our long driveway.

Penstemon (Beard Tongue)

This is such a beautiful plant.  I have it growing outside some of our windows, and it’s such a treat to open the curtains in the morning!

There are over 250 species of Penstemon.  Most are native to the West and will grow 2-3 feet tall.

Zones vary by area. Partial shade in hotter climates. Little to moderate water for most varieties, although they do need good drainage.

Vinca (Periwinkle)

I enjoy Vinca on some of our hillsides.  It’s excellent for erosion control and is very easy to grow.

The plant is lavender-blue, five-petaled, and has pinwheel-shaped flowers.  It blooms in early Spring.  Mine are just beginning to open, even though it’s only February.

Zones 5-24 can handle both Vinca major and Vinca minor.  V.major is the larger, more aggressive species, while V.minor is the miniature version with ¾ – 1 ¾ inch long leaves.  It has flowers up to 1 inch wide and grows to a height of 4-6 inches.  It’s more restrained than V.major and less likely to invade other plants close by.

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